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Study aim: Evaluation of the time to clinical recovery in the case with indomethacin in moderate-intensity pneumonia caused by Corona 19 compared with the control group Design: Randomized single blind, phase 3 clinical trial on 60 patients, The random number table was used for randomization Settings and conduct: This study was performed in two hospitals, Noor and Amin, in Isfahan, on patients with moderate-intensity pneumonia caused by covid 19. Participants/Inclusion and exclusion criteria: Inclusion criteria 18- to 75-year-olds with moderate-intensity pneumonia caused by Covid 19 whose disease has been proven on the basis of CT scan or PCR evidence and have signed a participation form. Exclusion criteria All people who are prohibited from taking indomethacin or similar compounds or who are likely to have severe side effects if taken indomethacin Intervention groups: Patients with inclusion criteria in the intervention group, in addition to the usual treatment, are treated daily with indomethacin 75 mg slow-release tablets for 5 consecutive days. In the control group, placebo is added to the usual treatment for covid 19 infection. Main outcome variables: Time to clinical recovery 14 days readmission Rate Time to intubation Intubation rate 28 days survival rate side effects caused by indomethacin
IRCTID: IRCT20200427047215N1